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All American Necessities:

Food, Clothing, Shelter… and MUD


The Redneck Resort still is what America was. Leave your electronics at home and get back to your childhood of playing outside, splashing in puddles, and getting dirty.

  • We have acres of tracks and holes making it easy to ride what you bring, and now easy to ride what you rent! Click the link below to rent a Redneck Resort Mud Truck.
  • Downloading and filling out liability forms for adults and kids, prior to arrival, speeds up check-in time. Click the links below to download the forms.





  • Plenty of food and drinks provided by vendors on site.
  • ATM is available on site.
  • Alcohol is not sold on property, but guests are welcome to bring anything legal in their coolers, provided is it not in a glass container.
  • Guests are welcome to bring their own grills
  • Many local restaurants, package stores, and groceries located minutes away in Sweetwater.



We have plenty of space for you to pitch a tent, bring a camper, or park your truck to sleep in!
What you need to know:

  • Camping is included in the Weekend Pass.
  • We have hot showers!
  • We do not currently have hook up sites for campers but you are more than welcome to bring them.
  • We have a family campground – for a quieter scene at night.
  • Campfires are allowed but they are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Firewood is available for purchase at the General Store or you can bring your own. Trees on the property are not to be used for firewood in any shape or fashion.
  • Park staff/Security will be available 24 hours a day.

COMING SOON: Redneck Resort Lodge n’ Spa

Redneck Resort N' Spa



Everything you need or may have forgotten can be picked up in the General Store.

  • To purchase Redneck Resort memoriabilia click the link below.
  • The Redneck Resort is located across the street from one of the world’s largest Flea Markets and within three miles to Sweetwater’s Historic Downtown Shopping District.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q – Can Entry Passes be purchased in advance or online? Are credit cards accepted?

Credit Cards are not accepted at the gate. You can pre-purchase your tickets with a credit card by clicking the link below. Only cash is accepted at the gate for entry. Click on the “Next Event” button for an Event Schedule.


Q – Is camping included in the price of the Entry Pass?
Yes. Camping is included in the price of Weekend Entry Passes per person, on a first come, first serve basis. No advance registration is offered.

Q – Can I purchase an Annual Entry Pass?
No. The Park plans to offer eight (8) Special Weekend Events annually. The Park will not be open on a regular basis between scheduled events. All events will be noticed. Be sure to include your e-mail address on your Liability Waiver to receive Redneck Resort Club Member status and receive information on upcoming events.

Q – Are all Entry Pass purchases final?
Yes. There are no refunds.

Q – Do you offer a Military discount?
Yes – At half price. Entry Passes can only be purchased with Cash at the time of admission. Any and all Persons seeking a Military discount MUST present their Military ID, DD214 ID, or VA Health card to acquire the discount. All Entry Pass purchases are final.

Q – Do you offer a discounted Entry Pass for Entertainment Only? What if I want to attend only one Band performance?
There is no special event or band pricing for the weekend. Once your wrist band is issued, you may leave the Park and return, however please review the Schedule of Activities for ongoing special presentations and demonstrations throughout the day. Remember to bring your own seating.

Q – Will police, fire and rescue persons be offered a discounted Entry Pass?
Not at this time. However the Park ownership reserves the right to offer Entry Passes based on its sole discretion.

Note: The Redneck Resort Mud Park reserves the right to offer Entry Passes at its sole discretion. If attendees are asked to leave the Park for any reason, Entry Passes are not refundable.


Parking for Vehicles

Q – Are areas designated for parking my vehicle if I am not participating in driving or riding activities?

Yes. Park staff will direct you to designated parking areas upon arrival.

Q – Will security be provided at designated parking areas?
No. Park ownership is not responsible for any personal belongings stolen or left at the Park.


Camping On-Site

Q – Are hook-ups for campers available?

No. All camping is primitive. Portable comfort stations are provided in camping areas.

Q – Am I permitted to have a campfire and will firewood be available on site?
Yes. Campfires are permitted. Campfires must be attended by someone at all times or must be extinguished. You may bring your own firewood. Firewood is also available at the Redneck Resort General Store. Burning of any material other than firewood is not permitted. Generators are permitted.


Food and Beverages

Q – Will Food Vendors be available on site? What hours will they be open?

Many Food and Beverage Vendors will be located on site throughout the weekend and may extend their hours at their discretion.

Q – Will beer or any other type of alcoholic beverage be sold on site?

Q – Can I bring my own Cooler of Beer or other Adult beverages?
Yes. Coolers are permitted. Glass containers will not be permitted. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. See Rules for Admission posted on Brochure and Website.

Q – Can I leave the Park and return?
Yes. You and others with you will be required to be wearing the appropriate wrist band to re-gain admission and your vehicle will be searched upon re-entry.

Note: The Redneck Resort Mud Park reserves the right to offer Entry Passes at its sole discretion. If attendees are asked to leave the Park for any reason, Entry Passes are not refundable.



Q –Are Guns Allowed?

Q– What will happen if I do not consent to voluntary search of my vehicle?
You, your vehicle and those with you will not be permitted Admission to the Park.


Weekend Activities and Mudding Events

Q – What kinds of “mudding” will be offered?
There are approximately eight (8) acres of pure Mud including Mud Bog and Mud Holes. The Mud Slide (Giant Slip and Slide into the Swimmin’ Hole.) Mud Slinging Volley Ball Swimmin’ Hole is a main attraction.

Q – Can I bring my dog?
No. Sorry, pets are not allowed.

Please e-mail any remaining questions you have to or post your question on our Facebook Page at
We look forward to having you with us at our Next Event!